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Ten Things to Do On a Lazy Winter Day

Winter is coming, and while getting out for some fun in the snow sounds like a merry good time, the cold might be a little much to bear. So for my fellow introverts who are into staying in on a snowy day
Lounge around in a comfy jumpsuit. Home is where the pants aren't. But it's also winter which means it's freezing, so if you'd rather not turn your butt cheeks into ice cubes, a comfy jumpsuit is where its at.
To be honest, I'm low-key jealous of my daughters cute little footsie pajamas. I plan to nab a pair myself! Click here to find some cute jammies for your upcoming couch potato session. Listen to Christmas music. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" With winter comes the season of giving, and music is the best way to get you in the spirit! Whether you're into traditional music or a fan of techno remixes, you can't go wrong with a little Winter Wonderland. Stream some jams through your laptop or phone and get wrapping! If you do…

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