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Blogs I Love: Oh, She Blogs!

When I started on this blogging journey, I did a LOT of research. I wanted to know the legal aspects, the simplest ways to get started, and how to make my blog successful. I turned to Pinterest for most of my searching needs (I may have been looking at baby pins too) and after collecting about a dozen related pins I figured I might as well sit down and actually read them.
I scrolled through infographics and blog posts, collecting the little bits of data I needed. I finally came to a particular pin that said How to Start a Blog for Free in 2017: EVERYTHING You Need To Know to Launch Your Blog Without Spending a Dime.
I read that post again and again like the Holy Bible.
The post was written by Lisa Koivu at Oh, She Blogs! With a witty name and clearly informative posts, Koivu's blog quickly became my go-to for any follow up questions I needed answers to. More often than not, there was a post that included something I needed. The original post above gave me all the tools I needed t…


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