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The Zen of Folding

Who on God’s green Earth has ever said “Hurray! Laundry!” Maybe a unique few, but I’m guessing the majority of us don’t fall into that category. It’s universally agreed the chores are the bane of existence, and we’re looking to get in and out and back to chilling. But what if we looked at the chores in a different light? What if we saw the monotony as a mantra instead? I’ve learned to enjoy sitting in a pile of laundry, reuniting socks and folding my jeans into neat rectangles. I choose to think of it this way- I am physically putting my life in order. I am sorting everything, viewing my wardrobe, and imagining what I can put together later in the week. It’s an overview of one aspect of my life. The process of folding and putting away laundry is itself therapeutic. Many people have turned to creating origami as a way to reduce stress. The practice gives the person something to focus on, creating an escape from anxiety. It’s the same idea when it comes to chores. Taking the time to prope…

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