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Childhood Magic

I remember being in kindergarten when I got my magic powers.
I was wearing a pilgrim hat we had just made during craft time, and I was sitting with a classmate near the miniature wigwam we had for some odd reason.We built the biggest stack of blocks you had ever seen- twice my height it seemed, just one neat stack of wooden cubes painted with letters and numbers. Suddenly, the tower felt the slightest breeze in the room, and began to sway.
"Woah!" I exclaimed, and I quickly held my arms out wide, as if I could catch the tower when it tumbled. But the tower had heard me, and settled to a standstill.
Curious. It must have been a coincidence that I stopped the blocks from tumbling onto my little head. There's no way I could actually stop something from happening with just words, right?
But... what if I did?
So I decided to put it to the test. "Fall!" I commanded, and the blocks began to sway once again. I started to panic because I didn't really want my archi…

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