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A Day With Anxiety

I wake up in the morning, groggy but ready to see my tot’s little arms reaching for me. Her happy mood lifts mine, and though I’m tired I am more than happy to soak in her sunshine. Is there still a dark cloud over my head? Maybe, but I’m not going to check.
One pill, two pill, three pill, vitamin, and I'm off to start the day. I make breakfast for Tate, coffee for me, and let the dogs stretch their legs in the yard. Today is no day to stay inside, I think to myself. I decide we should go out and explore.
We get cleaned up, Tate in her cutest dress and myself in my Jeans of Productivity. I look good, I feel good, and for once I feel like it's a good day. I add a little makeup because it’s been a while since I’ve had the energy to. A few things have expired since then, but I can work with a little. Still cute. 
We lock up house, and the sun beams on my chilly skin. The warmth from my comforter could never match the rays of the sun. Where we go, I do not know, but we’re gonna b…

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