November 2017 Traffic Report

traffic report for november 2017

Hey everybody! I've come to my full month two of operating Rise and Blossom! It's hard to believe I've been doing this for such a short amount of time. When I'm not busy with Tate, I'm busy making this page better and better for you guys! I've learned so much and I'm very excited to share my current progress! Thank you so much for helping Rise and Blossom to grow! So let's check out the stats!

1. Traffic

As of November 27, 2017, a total 1,776 of  have visited my blog in the last month (again via Blogger stats)! My goal for the next month is to hit the 2000's. I am still having trouble using Google Analytics. My Analytics is still showing me I have zero everything. I've looked through and set up the html again, and checked the linking. I'm trying not to stress about that- we're all good vibes here! The answer is probably so simple; I'm sure I'll eventually figure it out.

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2. Social Media

I am currently on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! They've been growing so much and I've been able to come out of my shell a bit and socialize with other bloggers. It feels great to belong to such a wonderful and supportive community. Here is my current following for my social media.
  1. Twitter- 496 (@riseandblossom)
  2. Instagram- 543  (@riseandblossomofficial)
  3. Facebook- 186 (Rise and Blossom)
  4. Pinterest- 243 (jasminesky13)
I use my Pinterest A LOT, and I've converted my profile to a business one so I can keep up with my popular pins and such. My affiliates are starting to get more action, although they average about 2-3 repins each. But a little progress is better than none, and I am determined to continue to build my Pinterest following this coming month! Little guy needs to catch up with the other three.

3. Cha-Ching

I am currently a member of Amazon Associates, Bloglovin', ShareASale, and Shopstyle
According to all my affiliate accounts, in the past month I have made....

$0.10!!!!!!! (via Shopstyle)
I was casually working on my Shopstyle widgets when I noticed I actually had a profit! I was through the roof excited! After months of being a dependent stay at home mom, I felt like I was starting to make it. Getting green. Being a boss. Sure it's not much; it's a ridiculously sad amount, but like I said earlier, little progress is better than none! It was definitely a morale booster and I believe even more that I am capable of accomplishing my goals.

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4. What Else Is New?

Tater leaves this weekend to have her first sleepover at meemaws! I'm trying my best not to let my anxiety get the best of me. I know my mother will take wonderful care of her. She's so excited to have her and I am looking forward to letting them have their bonding time together, as well as me and Jesse having some of our own... (calm down guys, we're gonna sleep and play Monopoly).
Thanksgiving went great, except for the fact we had two pumpkin pies and only two people who liked pies. Tate tried turkey gravy and whipped cream for the first time. She loved both. My parents and sisters all came to my house and did majority of the cooking because I am incapable of creating edible food. They nominated me to cook the turkey next year, so I hope someone stores some lasagnas in the fridge, cuz we're probably going to need them.
This past week I have opened up shop! I've created a SHOP page which you can check out here. It's nothing fancy, and I'm not looking to be the next boutique on the block- but life's too short to not have cute mugs and fuzzy blankets in your life. So I'll bring them here to you.
I messed up and went off my meds for about a week- at first it was an accident, but then as the anxiety and depression start to set in, I start getting to where I don't care if I take them or not. Guys- DO NOT fuck around with your medication. I feel very sick and stressed when I know I shouldn't be. It doesn't fix everything, but it makes it more tolerable so I can learn to cope. That way I won't need them one day. However that day is not today, so it's pills on pills for me.
Finally, this Texas weather is looking like it's ready to switch to cold. I'm not usually a winter fan but I'm glad because I can wear my boots without my feet sweating. I can also get around to doing the cold weather activities I usually enjoy. The weather just brings the whole experience together ❄

Do y'all have any Christmas plans? Share in the comments below! :)


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