Fifteen Things You Need For Your Next Party

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In a previous post I talked about the importance of adult sleepovers. Being so inspired, you've decided to call up your dudes and dudettes, make a beer run, and break out the games. But what if you're lacking in the party department? Or even worse- you lack the funds?
Today is your lucky day as I have compiled twenty awesome products you need for your next party! Even better, they're all $35 or less! Let's check it out!

1. Chambong (Set of 2)

For the classy party girl. Chug-a-lug little bug!

Nordstrom, $35

2. Colorblock Party Cups

Rose Gold Solo Cup. I fill you up.

Domino, $5.95

3. Twister

Hit the Chambong then go right hand red. Good luck

Target, $16.99

4. The Hot Seat

Time to give your friends the third degree with this revealing card game!

Target, $24.99

5. Inflatable Cactoss

Forget horseshoes; cacti are where it's at!

Shopbop, $25

6. Catilina 4 In A Row Game

The prettiest Connect Four you ever did see

Shopbop, $18

7. Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

Mix the freshest drinks at the party

UncommonGoods, $19.99

8. Loaded Questions

Time to get nosey. And if you want to make your adult sleepver "adultier" check out this version here

Target, $14.99

9. Giant Playing Cards

Talk a big game, play a big game

Shopbop, $20

10. Flamingo Mini PiƱata

It's not a party unless something gets beaten with a stick!

Shopbop, $22

11. Disco Ball String Lights

What should your room decor say? Partaaaaay!

PBTeen, $29.99

12. Cactus Wine Charms (Set of 6)

Cuz sometimes we'd rather not share drinks

Pier 1 Imports, $4.98

13. Fortune Teller Tumbler

Toss one back and see your future... Hopefully you'll remember it

UncommonGoods, $14.95

14. Cactus Bottle Opener

Crack some cold ones

Shopbop, $15

15. Beer Snob Glass

Because you only drink craft beer

Shopbop, $14


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