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The Trouble With Bottling Emotions

Imagine a bottle of soda. It's anything you like- Cherry Cola, Orange Fanta, or a simple Sprite. Imagine it fresh out the fridge, cool and bubbly, just waiting to be opened.

And then you drop it.

The soda builds up to an angry fizzle, rising to the top of the bottle. The pressure is pushing against the lid. Nothing good can come out of opening a shaken up bottle of soda.

But you do anyways, and just as predicted, it explodes in your face, making a huge sticky mess.
Of course this sounds like nonsense. Why would someone open a bottle of coke right after shaking it up? We all know it's going to rain sugar water once you twist the cap a bit. The best course of action is to set it down and wait.

If it's so logical with a coke bottle, then why don't we think the same about ourselves?

I, personally, am full of a lot of unnecessary rage. I am perpetually stressed about everything 24/7, regardless of whether or not I know the outcome will be OK. So in order to keep a decent h…

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