6 Reasons You Need Baths In Your Life

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After a long day of name taking and ass kicking, even the busiest people need to stop and unwind. If you're tired, stressed, or just feeling plain blah, a bath can be the answer to your needs. Sure, showers are quick and easy, but what about the leisurely pleasures of soaking bubbles? Here are a few reasons you MUST become a bath enthusiast.

 1. Hydrate Your Skin

Nothing is more satisfying than baby soft skin. Taking warm baths with essential oils, buttermilk bath bombs or Epsom salts can do wonders for your skin. Having healthy, soft, glowing skin can do wonders for your confidence and self esteem. Not to mention that afterwards, you will smell absolutely heavenly. Click here to find some great bath bombs to treat yourself!

2. Bubble Fun

Got suds? No bath is complete without a mountain of bubbles! The relaxing sound of popping bubbles is a treat to the ears, and there’s an endless amount of bubble beards you can make. You’re never too old to enjoy sinking down into a tub of white fluffiness. Some of my favorite bubble bath products are bubble bars from Lush, but I am also a fan of Dr. Teal's Foaming Bubble Bath. The bath comes in a variety of scents, including lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile. They also make Epsom salts to match, so draw a bath with both and drown yourself in luxurious scents and comfort.

3. Enjoy the “Me” Time

I’m gonna be real with y’all and admit that when I chose my house, it mainly revolved around the bathtub. I found a home with a tub twice as deep as any I’ve ever been in, and the bathroom is pretty much where I live. In the evening, my baby spends time with her daddy, and I disappear to the tub. I put on the low lights, bring a good book, and boil myself (FYI, hot baths are NOT good for skin, but I’m a daredevil and I do it anyway). This is my time to be me- not a mom, girlfriend, anything. I read the things I like, I take care of myself, and I take the time to breathe and relax. It’s a warzone outside that bathroom door, but for at least twenty minutes a day, I’m in my own little bubble of peace.

4. Get A Good Book In

It can be difficult to find some time in the day to read. I haven’t regularly read books since high school, and college textbooks don’t exactly count as “casual reading”. Unlike showers, a bath is always hands free! So read that murder mystery that’s been sitting on the shelf; check out a motivational book; or, if you’re a poetry lover like me, check out these poetry books from new authors to really set the mood.

     5. Treat Your Feet

Your feet- they support you, guide you, keep you grounded and what do you do? Run them ragged! Soft feet is SO hard to get when your on them daily! So a good soak in the tub is just what they need to mellow out. The warm water soothes the muscles, and rested feet means rested you. It also makes it easier to remove dead skin with a pumice stone, helping you get those angel soft feet of your dreams. Top it off with a coat of bright nail polish and tah-dah! Your feet are ready to hit the streets!

     6. Deflate & Rejuvenate

A bath at the end of the day relaxes the body, mind and spirit. Some quiet, or soft music can soothe you, and the wonderful mix of calming smells, is the perfect way to unwind. Think about your accomplishments and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Start that new book you’ve been putting off, and plan out the following day. Take care of your body, and crawl into some fresh clean sheets. You’ll have the best sleep you’ve ever known, guaranteed.


  1. Yeah ! thats why regular bathing is necessary . I does follow this too :)


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