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Hello, all. As a fairly new stay at home mom, I've been searching for ways to occupy my time outside of motherhood. The idea of writing a blog was far from my first choice- instead, I went straight to becoming a Shutterstock contributor. And a month after my content went live, I am the proud seller of zero photos. But I won't give up yet! While I'm waiting for my photography to pan out, I figured I would try my hand at writing.
     When I was in school, I always prided myself on being a good writer- I even believed that I was the best at weaving tales and articulating my thoughts. Call it old age (23 is old right?), lack of sleep, or just plain loss of brain cells, but I have slowed waaaay down. I made it to my junior year of college, studying journalism, before I decided that it wasn't for me. I've always been perpetually shy, and the idea of talking to new people day in and day out was OVERWHELMING.
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     So I quit.
     The next two years brought on a lot of change- three jobs, a new baby and a new home. It's been rocky, and over time I've had to learn to pull it together. I have a child to set an example for, and I want to be the best version of myself for her.
     At the moment, working outside of the home isn't an option- child care is hella expensive, and I am too scared to leave her anyway. Every job I've had so far never paid much, or was just plain miserable, and honestly I was pretty depressed (still am, despite the efforts to turn my life around). So that's when I came to researching Internet jobs.

     I attempted signing up to be an online tutor (no response), a eJuror (still no response!) and even submitting articles to various websites for publication. I spent several hours crafting an article on the history of frostbite just to find out that that one particular website likes articles like "Ten Things You Didn't Know About Snails" and stuff like that. So you can guess how that goes.



    I had bookmarked a few websites that listed ways to make money online. Majority of them had listed blogging, and I simply skipped over it because I figured it was too complicated, like journalism was. But nothing else seemed to give me any joy, or wasn't legit, and I got pretty disappointed. So I finally bit the bullet, and tried the one thing I didn't think would work for me.
    Granted, I have been at this for just a short time now, but it's not all bad. And I think writing is something that I needed all along. Allowing myself to be scared out of school was one of the worst (recent) mistakes I've made, and now I have found myself coming back around to where I started. I consider it part of the process of finding Me again, and I have many stories to come about why that is. Shouting my stories to the world wide web is the most unlikely thing I've ever thought I'd do, but hey, here I am! I'm doing it and I'm not gonna be scared from this. I have 99.99% determination and motivation, and I am committed to this new chapter. 


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