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Guys. I've changed my mind on my favorite panic attack/anxiety scent.
Typically I use peppermint when I'm having a panic attack- I add oil to my bath, rub it on my neck, maybe suck on a peppermint trying to focus and relax. It has always helped and has been my go to since I was first suggested peppermint two years ago. But honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of the scent.
I've always used it because it's the first thing I've ever tried, and even though it's slow going it works. My anxiety makes me resistant to change, and so switching my coping habits was, in my mind, too risky. This past week I felt a panic attack coming on while I was on my computer, and I immediately got up to go to the bath (my new go-to for panic). On my way there, slightly dreading the burn of peppermint in my nostrils, I remembered something- I have a lavender scent wax in my kitchen drawer! I'm always reading about the calming effects of lavender, and it's one of my favorite scents. I've never used it during a panic attack, so I grabbed my little candle warmer and wax and lit it in the bathroom as I filled the tub. I borrowed my baby's lavender bubble bath (sorry Tate) and made a few bubbles. I kept the peppermint on standby in case it didn't make any difference.
My life has been CHANGED.
Call it placebo, but I had the shortest panic attack thus far when I used lavender. I sat in a steaming hot bath, and took the deepest breaths I could. I could feel the anxiety melting away, and my mind being cleared. My lungs were filled with full breaths of air, and within several minutes I was relaxed. My chest pains were clearing up, my heart rate slowed back down. I felt calm, and peaceful. I would have fallen asleep and drowned in all that relaxation. I'm almost kicking myself for not trying this sooner, thanks to my stubborn self.
Who knows when my next attack may strike, but I plan to arm myself with more lavender products before then. Below is a list of lavender scented products. Some I've used before, some I've researched so I can try them out!

 1. Essential Oils

 Oils can be used in a variety of ways. Put about 2-3 droplets on your fingertips, or even a handkerchief if you don't like the oily feeling. Hold your hands or cloth up to your face and take a deep breath. The relaxing scent will calm you, and this particular method works well for when you're overwhelmed in crowded spaces. Carry a little dropper of lavender in your purse to use on the go. No more public restroom meltdowns!
You can also place the oil in an oil diffuser. It'll work the same as scented wax would.


2. Scentsy Wax

This was the method I used when I realized that lavender was where it's at. It doesn't have to be scentsy brand; any kind of wax your prefer will work! I set the light low in my bathroom and lit my little candle under the wax warmer. I crawled into a cozy warm bath and took deep, full breaths of the scented air. I could literally feel my mind calm down and my heart rate reduced significantly. I focused on breathing, eyes closed, enjoying the enveloping aroma. Within minutes, the attack was over, and although I was tired (panic attacks are like running marathons!) I was glad that I felt fresh and calm so quickly.

3. Pillow Spray

Tossing and turning all night? Suddenly waking in a full blown panic? End that by spraying your pillow and bedsheets can create a calming atmosphere that'll ease you right into sleep. A light mist is all you need before you cuddle that pillow and say "Hello sleep, I have returned."


4. Face Mask

Adding the scent of lavender to your daily routine can help to regularly keep you cool and relaxed. My personal favorite is soaking in a relaxing bath, masking my hair and face. Nothing feels better than soft, fresh skin!


5. Accent Your House

We know lavender when inhaled is good for your mood, but what about surrounding yourself in its beautiful shade? By simply adding a touch of lavender to your personal space, you can create a new atmosphere of peace. Because of it's long term and popular use for mood stabilization, the mind automatically associates the color with calmness. So add a little or a lot; paint a whole room if you want! Soothe the eyes with the comfort of a cool shade of lavender.


6. Drink It

Did you know that the warmth from a cup of coffee or tea warms you emotionally? It's almost like getting a hug. Different teas have different effects, and lavender tea is no exception. The tea is often described as having a bit of a tart taste. If you're not into that kind of flavor in your tea, just holding it and smelling the aroma is comforting.


Whether you apply it, consume it, or surround yourself in its beautiful shades, lavender is a wonderful choice for calming anxiety and bringing peace to your daily life.

7. Snuggle It

Stuffed with barley and lavender, this pillow is here to soothe you after a long hard day of socializing and general adulting. Warm it in the microwave and relax as it warms you and releases the relaxing aroma of lavender.

Uncommon Goods

8. Relax In It

Bath salts are excellent for softening skin and soothing muscles. Add some to your bath and soak in the comfort.


9. Get Sudsy

It's not a bath without the bubbles!


10. Body Scrubs

Might as well go all out. Treat yo self. Love your body and feel good about it.

Saks Fifth Avenue

11. Bath Bomb

BOOM! That's the sound of these bath bombs exploding with relaxing aromas.


12. Sock Set

Your feet take you everywhere you want to go. Thank them with this sock and lotion set.

Century 21

13. Full Bath Set

Just go all in and do lavender everything. You'll smell wonderful, guaranteed.


Whether you apply it, consume it, or surround yourself in its beautiful shades, lavender is a wonderful choice for calming anxiety and bringing peace to your daily life. 

*This post has been updated 1/22/17


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