How Lady Gaga Changed My Life

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 The year is 2008. Poker Face plays on the radio. I turn it off, because it’s annoying.
Little did I know that a year later I would begin defining myself as a Little Monster, I true to God fan.
Around the time she started to gain popularity, I had recently moved across the state, and was about to start high school. Once again I had to start over making new friends, learning my way around, and trying to fit in at a new school in an entirely different environment. It was hard. I was so shy to begin with, and it felt like any effort I made to make a friend was shut down because no one wanted to be around me. I felt shut out, alone, and eventually, suicidal. 

After finally buying The Fame and learning every lyric on that album by heart, I felt something new. For the first time in a long time I was excited about something. It gave me a thrill when I heard Gaga on the radio or saw her in a magazine. I cut out the little pictures from her album booklet and pasted them all over the wall. My closet became filled with anything relevant to Lady Gaga.
When I sing along to Just Dance, I’m not just bopping to a good tune. I am feeling it. I sing at the top of my lungs, throw around my ridiculous dance moves and show zero shame. Why? Because I know Gaga would do the same. She got a lot of heat for being too “out there”, but she didn’t care one bit. She still doesn't. Gaga wore what she wanted and said what she wanted. I was truly inspired. If she could face criticism from the whole world, why couldn’t I hold my own in a small high school?

My Gaga inspired look, 2011. I was COOL AF.

 The summer between my freshman and sophomore year held a lot of change for me. By then Gaga’s second album, The Fame Monster (technically a reboot) had come out. I was caught in a Bad Romance with Alejandro. This record was on loop throughout the summer, and I even decided to sing one of the songs at my Upward Bound talent show, which would be the first time I had the nerve to sing in front of people in almost three years. It was liberating, and I felt new.

I was able to return to school that fall feeling different. Not scary different, but good different. The few people that I had made any sort of connection with were coming around more often, and I felt as though I was coming out of my shell more. Instead of beating myself up over my oddities, I embraced them, and learned to take weird as a compliment. It was a new chapter, and the next few years were wonderful.
To this day I consider myself Little Monster for life. I’ll be 60 and still throwing my paws up (cuz I’m a free bitch, baby). When I’m going through tough times, I exclusively play her music, or Youtube her appearances and performances. She’s a source of comfort because it reminds me of the first time she helped me. And I hope that if I meet her one day, I would be able to express that, because her music honestly does hold my world together.

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