Top 10 Songs That'll Get You Pumped


Sometimes silence makes for the most productivity. I am not one of those people. I like to clean to jams, drive to jams, and write to jams. Some songs in particular just get me in a kick ass mood, and I explode with motivation. Here are my top ten songs that'll get you pumped and help to plow through anything any task!

            Can’t go wrong with the King of Pop! Perfect reminder that you’re BAD AF.

            I often see rap as a confidence booster. Cardi B has no problem letting people know about her strengths and success. Goals.


            Goodbye Hannah and hello Miley with this throwback track from 2010! Shed your good girl image and embrace the bad bitch inside.

            DAMN. At least that’s what his album says. 

            “Don’t you want me to have your baby? Don’t you wish I was your girl?”

            I like to remind myself that I’ve got goals that are gonna get reached. 

            Stop being a pushover. Tell 'em to move, you got places to be and goals to achieve!

            Nothing feels better than the sweet revenge of rising above.

            On that grind girl! Remember who runs this motha'.           

            Life may feel like “work work work work work work”, but remember that you’re making gains and working like a boss bitch.


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