Be Consumed: Finding Your Passion

It's a spiral. I get embarrassed, I want to hide. I play it over and over in my head.
"God I'm so stupid; why would I do that; everyone is making fun of me now..."
I'm sweaty and shaky. I can't think straight. I could pass out from the stress. I'm ready to curl up in bed, lights off, and begin my lifelong isolation from the world.
When you live with anxiety, the littlest inconveniences can be all-consuming. There's no progress when you're too petrified to move. Your mind races with all the possible horrific outcomes to the simplest things- a phone call, a trip to the store. These thoughts beat you into submission. You're stuck, and seemingly alone.

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Anxiety is a black hole consuming our lives. It eats away at our friends, family, and will to live. How do we get rid of it?
By being consumed by something else.
What I'm saying is that in order to stop living in anxiety, there needs to be an outlet. Imagine living in a barrel, and at the slightest bump it starts to fill with water. You have two options- you can flip out and drown, or look for the plug and let it out.
Lately I have found that blogging has truly brought me out of my shell. It's a way for me to express many forms of creativity as well as work through my own issues. It distracts me from the chaos around me by drawing my attention to something I love. I become consumed by creativity.
Allowing yourself to be "consumed" may seem daunting, but there are ways to ease yourself into it. Here is how to get started on finding your path and letting yourself fall headfirst into your passions.


Think Back To Your Childhood 

Did you love ducks? Drawing stick figures? Running til you passed out? Find that happiness again. Children almost literally shoot sunshine out their asses and get excited for EVERYTHING- stickers, dogs, dirt. Think about the little things you enjoyed as a kid and how they can translate into your adult life. Let yourself become ridiculously excited over the simple things.

Find A Hobby

These days it seems like a whole lot of school, work, parenting, sleep (maybe) repeat. Life has just become a game of survival and when it becomes too much we just shut down and have a freak out. Finding a hobby provides a way to wind down at the end of a stressful day, and is a good opportunity to relax, create and learn. 

Set A Schedule

You have to go to work. You have to do laundry. There’s a lot of things on the agenda, and it can feel very time consuming doing the things you HAVE to do. Try setting up a loose schedule so you can have a clear view of your day. I say loose because when a schedule feels to rigid and perfect, it creates pressure to keep up with it. Start your schedule with something that you do regardless, like your work schedule. Add in any appointments or meet-ups with friends. Then think about any chores that need done that day. Remember that not everything has to be done in one day; I like to try an set certain chores on certain days so I don’t get overwhelmed trying to clean the whole house in one afternoon. Then look at the time still available. Feels like there’s more, isn’t there? Work out when you would like to start work on your personal hobbies. Even if it’s just 30 minutes, taking any time to yourself will benefit you in the long run.

Share with Others

I love writing and taking photos but sharing it on my Facebook didn’t seem too exciting. Through my blogging I’ve been able to put all of my abilities together in one place and create something that I can share with everyone. If you have a photo your proud of or a short story that you just know is a bestseller, put it out there! If you’re uncomfortable sharing with friends and family seeing it just yet, try going semi-anonymous on the Internet. Create a blog or post on Twitter. You can sell your photography to stock websites or self publish your stories like this one here. You might think your work sucks, but there’s not an artist, writer, or musician out there that doesn’t think they suck every now and again. All it takes is for one person to love it, and BOOM. Ego boost.

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As you find your new path and learn to encourage yourself, you’ll find that you can’t wait to get back to creating new work at the end of the day. Whether the baby threw up everywhere or your tire blew out, there’s always a retreat waiting at home for you. It could be a stack of books waiting to be read or your first stab at oil pastels. Allow yourself to be consumed by something new and beautiful, and watch it transform your life for the better.


  1. As an aromatherapist, I work with many who live with anxiety - sometimes debilitating. Sertting a schedule sounds like a good first step in helping someone cope. Thanks for your information!


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