Six Ways to Create Positive Thoughts

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I believe anxiety and insecurity go hand in hand. When we're constantly worried about our appearance and others opinions, we end up walking with our heads down, steering clear of attention. Well I say this is the end of that! Thinking yourself positive may seem ridiculous, but ask yourself- have you seriously tried it? Then how do you know? If we want to beat this illness, we gotta fight it at all angles. Here are a few ideas on how to get your brain on a positive and enlightened path.

Start a Mantra. 

When you have anxiety, there is a lot of repetitive and intrusive thoughts happening. They tear down at your self esteem until you find yourself homebound because hey, you suck and no one wants you. Try replacing these thoughts with positive phrases. They can be anything, as long as it is something uplifting or motivational. Here are some mantras you can use:

  • "I am smart, strong, and beautiful."
  • "I can achieve anything."
  • "I believe in myself."
  • "I can rise above any challenge."
  • "I'm the best." (Don't be afraid to get a little cocky with your mantras. I know I do.)

Repeat these to yourself each morning, night, and in moments of doubt. If you find yourself thinking these negative thoughts, start your mantra and shut them down. After so long, you'll find yourself thinking positive more often, and you'll feel even better.

Compliment Yourself Every Day

You are your biggest critic, so why not be your biggest admirer too? Look in the mirror and dote on yourself. Brag on how bomb your hair color is, the length of your lashes, and your exemplary posture. Don't just limit yourself to your physical appearance- you have a mind and spirit that deserve some kudos too.

Self Help Books

"Self help is for losers." Completely untrue! While you may FEEL like a loser, you're far from it, and a little literature can help bring out the awesomeness from within. With topics ranging from self esteem to financial education, self help books are the key that gets you from point A to point B in life. Chock full of aha! moments, here is my short list of self help books that you should definitely start reading now!

Gratitude Lists 

How often do we consider all the good in our lives? When we're depressed, we tend to fixate on the negatives. Making lists is not only a good distraction, but it helps you see your life on paper, where it can be better analyzed. List all of the things you are grateful for- food, people, hobbies, experiences. Make as many lists as you want, with different colors, fonts, designs. Make an art of it. When you're down, refer to your lists to remind yourself how much you have to live for.
Don't know where to start? Click here to check out these cute journals to motivate your writing.


I LOVE an inspirational quote. Pin them from Pinterest or doodle them in your journal. Write them on sticky notes and stick them everywhere- mirror, cork board, dash of your car. They work as little reminders to keep your chin up and keep going.

Spend some real time with a loved one 

You might not think it, but no one loves as unconditionally as family. We fight, we bicker, we throw shade, but at the end of the day we have sisters and brothers and parents to depend on to help us when we need it. Try to spend time with someone at least once a week. Do something outdoors where you can get sunshine, or stay inside and do something comforting. Try to open up about your depression to a loved one you trust. Their support is key to lifting you out of a funk.


That's it. Just smile. If we fake sleep in order to fall asleep, then a smile should work the same way, right? It brightens the face, and gives you more of a cheerful feeling. You can't smile your problems away, but you can make the best of everything with just a little muscle.

six ways to create positive thoughts
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