Ten Self Affirmations for Better Thinking

better thinking
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It happens daily- you're brain is playing a constant loop of previous failures and insults and won't shut off. You've thought about it so much you begin to believe it. If you can't even accept yourself, then who else would...
This is part of the daily struggle when living with anxiety. Negative thoughts are the norm, unfortunately, and they rule our lives. They dictate how we perceive ourselves and leads us to live sheltered lives in order to shield ourselves from potential embarrassment or suffering (even though it is highly unlikely any of it would happen). We're so used to it we don't even fight it anymore. That negative voice is like a toxic old friend- you know it's bad for you, but it's been around so long you can't seem to kick it out. 
You're not gonna turn your life around in a day, but it only takes one day to start. I began by talking to myself out loud when I am overwhelmed. Hearing encouraging words helps calm me down and drives my motivation. Speaking the good things into existence makes them true. Talking out loud makes the positive affirmations louder than the negative thoughts. It takes a little effort, but if we can believe we're garbage after thinking bad stuff day in and day out, imagine what you can do for yourself if you can train your brain to think about the good stuff. 
I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been thinking a little more positive lately. When I’m having a freak out I’m constantly trying to tell myself that I am ok, and that great things are going to happen, and there’s no need for stressing. After so many years of thinking I’m a piece of crap, it’s wonderful to realize that my mind is changing for the better. When something is about to happen that makes me anxious, I find myself automatically talking myself through it.

There are certain phrases that pop up the most, and I am going to share them with you. Use them for yourself any time your in a tough place, and with time you will find yourself turning to those positive thoughts automatically.

1.   I am light and airy

I want to replace my dark cloud of despair with glowing sunshine. I try to think of myself as someone who radiates happiness and positivity.

2.   I have an iron will

This one I tend to repeat when I’m working with a fussy Tate. I’m tired, hungry, my ass needs washing, and Tate just needs her mommy. So while I might be on the brink of a mental breakdown, I have to believe I am stronger than any challenge. I will not crumble.

3.   I am vibrant and healthy

I feel this as I drink my spring water and snack on fresh fruit. I am the picture of health. I am glowing and light and energetic. I feel gooooood.

4.   I will do what I want

I’m not gonna start telling people off and lighting trash cans on fire, but I am gonna stand firm in my beliefs and reach my goals.

5.   I am so hot

‘Nuff said.

6.   I am doing my best

Sometimes I’m a little slow, or I forget things, but it’s the effort that counts.

7.   I am proud of everything I learn

I used to think that college was the only way I was gonna live the life I wanted to live. I’ve come to find that I can learn any skill I want if I’m determined enough. Research, practice, research, practice. Perfect.

8.   I am an awesome mommy

I read to my little one, I give her lots of snuggles. We have nonsense conversations and she learns every day. I love her to pieces and I do everything I can for her. 

9.   I will afford everything I want

I’ve been broke my entire adult life. But I know deep in my heart that there will come a day when I won’t have to worry about whether or not I can afford eggs. And you best believe I’ll be strolling up and down the supermarket in my red bottomed heels.

10.  I am THE best

“We da best,” as DJ Khalid says, and it’s true. I’m the best and so are you.

 Have your own unique affirmations or mantras? Share in the comments!


  1. You truly are the best! Love this post and especially the affirmation about doing what you want to do and standing up for what you believe. Being the best you is a big job and in 2018 I am determined to do just that.

  2. Love this post. Its really empowering and inspiring. It really gives life and breaks one away from self-limiting thoughts.

  3. I love this! I am my own worst enemy, constantly tearing myself down. Thanks for the positive reminders.


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