The Importance of Adult Sleepovers

Remember when we were children, and we would want to spend the weekends with our friends? We ask our parents on Monday, and count down the days til Friday. You head to school that day, backpack loaded down with clothes, games, and magazines you jacked from your moms bedroom. You and the bestie are ready to stay up for the next 48 hours while you gossip, stalk people on the Internet, and chug Dr. Pepper from a two liter bottle.
Those days seem like they are so far away now. We've grown up, and entered a world of deadlines and bills. Every day feels like work, school, bills, repeat. The hours in each day are eaten up by responsibilities, and we begin to see less and less of our friends. All of a sudden, we're alone. Young adulthood is a time when we are learning to be on our own, often without family. This is the time that we depend on our friends for comfort and support. But when we start to really grow up and get jobs and families, it feels like we're drifting apart. What happened?
 The problem is that we are letting ourselves get swept up in the every day and forgetting to just live. We're losing touch with the things that are important. Life is for living, not surviving, and we should do our best every day to seek out the joys of life.
After many failed attempts, my friends and I recently were able to have a get together. One came from out of town, one straight from work. Another two cut their Christmas decorating short to come by. It was great to see everyone at once. It felt like the old days.
Then it got lit.
There was beer for days, and the Malibu was sweet. We trash talked our way through a game of Taboo, and I played my first game of beer pong. There was gossip about this and that. We got up close and personal in a dizzy game of Twister. We partied to the bumping soundtrack of the 2000's, and we laughed through tipsy jokes and bubbly conversations. Some of us may have cried and poured our hearts out, and our intoxicated minds nodded along with the realness.
 It was a feeling that hasn't been felt in a long time now- that I am not just a mother, housewife, or ordinary adult. I was a person, with friends who are going through the same things. It's not that we're really alone- we're just going along with the every day, and forget to stop and take the time to reconnect. Don't ever feel like you're alone- just reach out! Someone else just may be feeling the same way.

importance of adult sleepovers
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