The Importance of Your First Friendships


I moved around a ridiculous amount in my childhood. In fact, it was so frequent that I often spent most of my time alone because I never stuck around long enough to have solid friendships. Even if I did happen to move back to the same school district, most of the other kids wouldn’t remember me.
Imagine my surprise, and slight confusion, when I actually managed to keep a group of friends beyond the 4th grade. I had three close friends in my 4th grade class, and I actually stayed there the entire year! This was new for me, so when the summer came I expected not to see my friends again.
Plus Size Partywear: $6 OFF+Free ShippingI don’t know that I did see any of them all summer; I couldn’t even tell you where I lived at that time. When the first day of 5th grade came around, I had those same butterflies I always got before starting school. There was more dread than excitement, as a part of me knew that I probably wouldn’t know anyone. I was right.
I didn’t recognize a single person in my class, regardless of the fact that I was still in the same school.
“Oh well,” I thought, “I’m sure my friends don’t remember me anyhow. Guess I’ll make some new ones.” So now I’m just sitting in class, uncomfortable, not knowing how I could ever make small talk.
Lunch came around, and I sat at my class table. Afterwards we were let out for recess, and my friends from the previous year are gunning for me.
I learned that we were all split up into different classes, but they all still wanted to play during recess. To be honest, I was stunned. They still care to socialize? They still want to get together? Most of all, I still have friends????
I kept these friends for the next three years, and then I moved and started the process all over again. But I will admit my middle school years were an… interesting time. We were all supreme emo edgelords who wore converse and flipped our bangs. I had found a niche for myself and adapted to my “misunderstood” stereotype to the best of my abilities. 
It’s not something I would change though. When we make different friends in different stages of life, we always take the good parts with us. Listening to certain music or browsing through old stores always bring back those memories. Even though I moved again, I settled into a new niche, and eventually found myself. But I would never forget how significant it was the first time I had a real group of friends- friends that I shared secrets and sleepovers with. These friends were my first squad, and they helped shaped who I am today.


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