This Parody Will Have You Saying "Oh, That's So Me!"

Mik and Honey Parody
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She bursts onto the scene with poetic stories of pain, love and healing. We ran to the bookstores and e-stores to turn the pages of a heart-wrenching story. We cried, we related, we felt what Rupi Kaur felt as she put pen to paper. It was deep, emotional, and moving.
Writer Angel Aranda was halfway through her own Milk and Honey breakdown when she had a thought.
“My life isn’t Milk and Honey, it’s more like powdered milk and syrup…”
And thus Powdered Milk and Syrup was born, and boy are we glad it was.
With it’s raunchy stanzas and doodles that would make your grandmother faint, Aranda has put a twist on a bestseller that will make you see the struggles of life in a whole new light.

It’s the kind of story where life is just so sad you just have to poke fun at it. 

Aranda goes through the unfortunate events of her childhood.
 And occasionally gives out advice from experience.

There's a whole lot of realness here.
 And girl power.
So anyway... 

So yeah, life sucks. But we gotta laugh it off. And that’s what’s happening here in Powdered Milk and Syrup. So dry your Rupi tears and pick up some syrup. But be careful- you will get sticky.

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