Twenty Products Under $20 That You Needed Yesterday

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I love cute shit.
Since I am currently poor I make do with anything that functions- a plain ladle, a simple pumice stone, or a .99 spiral notebook. But just because I lack the funds to surround myself with cute stuff doesn't mean a girl can't dream!
You might be thinking, "Yeah this is nice but I can't afford Kool-aid." Well fear not! It's not enough to just make do with what we can- we must surround ourselves with things that give us joy, and if a plastic spoon rest isn't cutting it for you then do something about it! We have more control over our lives than we think, and making the tiniest changes to brighten and liven your home will make all the difference in your personal life.
So let's check out these totally awesome products under $20 that you're gonna need ASAP!

  1. Poppin' Blush Stapler

 I love office products almost as much as I love the illusion of productivity.

       2. Pumped Up Glitter Phone Stand

Use this adorable stand so you can beat your face while watching makeup tutorials.

      3. Gift Boutique Beyonce Pencil Set

Take some #Flawless notes with these pencils.

      4.  Hello Gorgeous Paperweight 

You place your homework on the desk, when suddenly your flinging flanging ceiling fan blows them away! End that with this adorbs paperweight.

      5. Tyler Triceratops Planter

RAWR! Protect your home with this vicious intruder eating dinosaur! Or put it on your coffee table. Whatevs.

      6. Silvered Geode Coaster

 Protect your surfaces with the most beautiful coaster you have ever laid eyes on.

      7. Cactus Bottle Opener

Time to crack a cold one withe the ladies and have a Netflix binge.

      8. Gold iPhone Charger Tassel Keychain

Oh deary me my phone is dying, let me just whip out my handy dandy keychain...

      9. Carter Triangle Bracket Wall Shelf

So you're on your own for the first time, living in a shoebox for an apartment. Move your storage upward with these minimalist shelves. Saves space and looks great!

      10.  Copper and Gold Sponge Holders 

The best way to keep your sponges stank-free is by properly airing them. Twist them TIGHT til they're nearly dry to the touch, and place them in these baskets for good ventilation.

      11.  Dottie Honey Pot

Oh, bother! Who said you have to store your honey the same way as every other plain jane. Make tea time fun with this cute little honey pot!

      12. Chill Pill Lips Eye Mask & Socks Relaxation Set

Being a boss lady takes WORK, so at the end of the day, we deserve a good chill. You can use this cute Chill Pill to fill with things that help you unwind- lotions, chocolates, and miniature bottles of wine are a good example.

      13. Darth Vader And Family Coloring Book

 May the force be with you as you keep within the lines.

      14. Cactus Wall Rack

A minimalist rack to go with your minimalist shelves. Also cacti are cute AF.

      15. "Fueled by Coffee" French Press

The first time I saw a French press I was like "what?" They steep your coffee differently from your every day coffeemaker. If you like a richer taste, or just enjoy being unique, I recommend this.

      16. Candy Color Brush Set

You don't need makeup to be amazing... But we love it so we're doing it anyway!

      17. Kikkerland Phone Lens Set

Some of us use our phones for most of our photography needs. Why not up your game with this neato gadget?

      18. The Tiny Book of Tiny Pleasures

There's happiness in the little things. This tiny book celebrates the simple moments of life.

      19. Flamingo Beach Fan

Who said flamingos were just for your grandmas front yard? Cool off at the beach or poolside with this bright and fun fan.

      20. One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

We all have our ups and downs. You might not think it, but your future could be brighter than you ever imagined. Follow you life path with this one sentence a day journal, and watch yourself grow.

Seen something you like? Have something similar you already love? Share in the comments!


  1. Ordered the Darth Vader coloring book!

    1. Yay! I loved that one! I want one for myself. Hope you enjoy it!


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