Coco and Chunks: Part of the Family

Coco and Chunks
Emotional Support Animals are on the rise these days, and I am all here for that. Even if we feel that no one understands us, loves us, or cares about us, there’s no denying that dogs are fountains of unconditional love. They don’t care if you’re a little smelly, or if you made a little mistake. To them, you are the whole world and a side of fries.
My little fur babies have always been there for me, with lots of cuddles, kisses and fun times. They've never been officially registered as Emotional Support Animals, but they give me that kind of support all the same. Let me share with you the wonderful qualities of my furry friends.

Coco in 2008. So cute!
We got Coco in about 2007. She was a puppy, and so tiny and cute! We were told she was a teacup Chihuahua, so of course we had to take photos of her in an actual teacup! However, as the next year went on, she blew UP. She's looking more Dachshund than teacup, and even though she’s pretty pig-like now (she even snorts!), we still love her to bits.

Coco naps all day, every day
She’s originally my sisters dog, but over the years she’s moved around quite a bit, so Coco came to live with me! It’s been better having her around because she is someone I am familiar with. I remember crying in my living room, and Coco and Chunks crawled into my lap to lick my face. It’s sweet that they know to comfort me.
Coco is much like any other Chihuahua- she’s stingy, she trembles, and thinks she’s a Doberman. But she’s also got the sweetest side to her- she’s affectionate, and loves attention. Once my ass meets the couch, she’s hopping onto my lap. Coco looks up at me, and let’s out a little bark saying, “Pet me! Pet me!”
My blanket. Sorry (not sorry)
Coco is the kind of dog to hoard an entire quilt if she can get to it. She’ll curl herself up in the covers and let out a little snort before she falls asleep. I can’t tell you how many times she’s accidentally been sat on because of this. But she’s always accepting of apology cuddles.
Coco’s various nicknames include Coconut, nutty, nator, nator bean. She’s ten years old now, and while she’s pretty lazy now, she won’t hesitate to attack a pair of ankles.

Such an angel... as long as he was sleeping
Chunks was also a puppy when we got him in 2016. He’s a little over a year now, and still hyperactive as ever!
As a puppy, he REFUSED to sleep on the floor. I had fixed him a nice little bed right next to mine so if he needed me I was right there. The second I laid him down, he cried and cried until I picked him back up again. I didn’t sleep well for weeks because I had him in the bed with me, and I didn’t want to roll over him.
Chunks is a pretty dog
Chunks is a mutt, and so as he grew up, I learned that I have picked a terrible dog- grooming wise. He’s got shaggy, curly hair that knots up if you so much as look at him funny. If I had the time I’d bathe him five times a day. He looks neat and groomed when he’s shaved, but he’s also an adorable furball when I let him be his natural self.
Fluffy Chunks! It's like two different dogs
He is probably the cuddliest, sweetest and friendliest dog I’ve ever known. He would try so sit on my lap even if Coco is already there. He’ll curl up next to me and lay his head in my lap. 
His favorite toys ever are balls. Rubber balls, foam balls, even basketballs- if it bounces, he'll chase it. He's probably the only dog I've ever had that has learned to bring the ball back so I can throw it for him again.
Chunks also goes by the nickname Chunky Monkey.

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Surveying the neighborhood
It’s exciting to watch my daughter Tate run around with them, watching them curiously, accepting their little kisses. Even though they’ve never really been around children until now, I know that they will be there to comfort her and protect her as they have for me.
Animals are part of the family, and my dogs are an important part of ours. I can’t imagine a life without the pitter-patter of their paws on the floor, or seeing perked up ears at the sound of “Who wants a cookie?” They have personalities as unique as any humans, and are without a doubt the best friends you can have.

Looking to register your pet as an Emotional Support Animal? 

Some of us need support outside of the home as well. If you suffer from a mental illness or mood disorder, you may be able to qualify for an emotional support animal. Check out this post from Service Dog Certifications to get the full run down on what you'll need to get your furry friend registered.

Also check out these charities to help our furry friends!


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