Fifteen Things You Need For Your Next Party

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In a previous post I talked about the importance of adult sleepovers. Being so inspired, you've decided to call up your dudes and dudettes, make a beer run, and break out the games. But what if you're lacking in the party department? Or even worse- you lack the funds?
Today is your lucky day as I have compiled twenty awesome products you need for your next party! Even better, they're all $35 or less! Let's check it out!

1. Chambong (Set of 2)

For the classy party girl. Chug-a-lug little bug!


2. Colorblock Party Cups

Rose Gold Solo Cup. I fill you up.


3. Twister

Hit the Chambong then go right hand red. Good luck


4. The Hot Seat

Time to give your friends the third degree with this revealing card game!


5. Inflatable Cactoss

Forget horseshoes; cacti are where it's at!


6. Catilina 4 In A Row Game

The prettiest Connect Four you ever did see


7. Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

Mix the freshest drinks at the party


8. Loaded Questions

Time to get nosey. And if you want to make your adult sleepver "adultier" check out this version here


9. Giant Playing Cards

Talk a big game, play a big game


10. Flamingo Mini PiƱata

It's not a party unless something gets beaten with a stick!


11. Disco Ball String Lights

What should your room decor say? Partaaaaay!


12. Cactus Wine Charms (Set of 6)

Cuz sometimes we'd rather not share drinks

Pier 1 Imports

13. Fortune Teller Tumbler

Toss one back and see your future... Hopefully you'll remember it


14. Cactus Bottle Opener

Crack some cold ones


15. Beer Snob Glass

Because you only drink craft beer


Seen something you like? What's the most fun you've ever had a party? My friends and I like to have drinks and play board games- Twister becomes a whole new challenge!


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