Five Rituals To Help You Unwind


In today’s busy, busy world, it can feel like nothing ever stops. Life is a whole lot of “Go, go go!” and the rush can be overwhelming.  Life is passing you by when really you just want to sit and be in the moment. How do we do that?
By setting a nightly (or morning) ritual, you can set aside a block of time just for yourself. Be strict about it! This is the time to center yourself and get back to breathing easier. Life gets less complicated when you can be clear headed. A better you helps make a better world.
A ritual can include just about anything, as long as it makes you happy. Integrate it into your daily routine, and the me time will become second nature. Here are a few ideas on what you can start adding to your daily ritual.

A Chapter A Day
Have a book you've wanted to dig into but just can't seem to find the time? Replace your phone with your book of choice before bedtime. Read at least one chapter before turning out the lights. It will help you relax and get comfortable in bed. Also, by reading instead of being on your phone allows your brain to release the melatonin it needs to help you fall asleep. Two birds, one stone! 

Say a prayer of gratitude, morning or evening. Take the time to be thankful for all you have been blessed with and all that is to come. Sit in silence and feel your breath go in and out. Appreciate the now. You are so lucky to be here.

Body Care
A healthy body makes a healthy mind! This can range from having a water consumption goal to a nightly face mask and foot scrub. Do something that makes you look, smell, and feel good. Feeling beautiful and healthy inspires confidence.

A Good Dinner/Breakfast
I know you have a Pinterest board with hundreds of yummy recipes you have yet to try. Start now! Think of cooking as an art form- the ingredients are your paint, and your plate is the canvas. Get excited about finding your next favorite homemade dessert. Try making a new recipe a few times a week. It will make your next meal the highlight of the day.

Exercise has been known to release endorphins, which creates feelings of happiness. Carve out a bit of time in the day to go for a jog or try yoga. Do it alone or make it an opportunity to get together with friends. You'll feel lighter, happier, and more energized to get out there and do anything!

 Anything you do, make sure it is healthy, positive, and inspiring. The goal here is to get out of your head and enjoy yourself. Write your ritual into your daily planner if necessary. Taking care of yourself is the first step to taking care of business.


  1. A heart of gratitude, prayer and meditation makes a great day and week. Being grateful for where you are and will be in the future.


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