How To Be As Confident As A WWE Champion

They're crazy. They're dramatic. And they are ready to kick ass.
Since the 80's, beefed up wrestling superstars have been stepping into the ring to challenge each other for various titles. From Batista bombs to whacky personas, these professional wrestlers all embody one similar quality- strong confidence.
I've never really watched wrestling until I started dating Jesse. He watches the "man drama" unfold every week, and over time I've picked up on the storylines, match rules, and the many, many male and female wrestlers. If there's one thing I've noticed throughout the time I've been watching, it's that everyone is there to compete and get the title back to their "rightful" owners.
There is no doubt, no second guesses. They face up to their enemies and tell them whats up. They have one goal, and that goal is to be the next champion, and keep that championship.
Sure, it may be "fake", but there's no doubt there's a great deal of important choices made in each match. There's no room for mistakes. And if they lose, they can't just give up. Reputations are on the line, and when there is a goal to be reached, there is no settling for less.
How do they keep up this attitude throughout the rise and falls? How can we emulate that kind of absolute surety in our own abilities? Here are some tips you can take from WWE superstars to help you be the champion in your life.

 Have A Theme To Get You Pumped



When you hear the church bell in the arena, you know the Undertaker is about come out and put a poor soul in an early grave. Get yourself revved up with a good playlist that motivates. It should be inspirational, bumping, energizing. You're about to go out and achieve your dreams. The world better watch out.

Assume You Are The Best There Is, Was, And Ever Will Be

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Sure, there are many greats that came before you. But they are not you. They did not possess your drive, your passion, your strength. Your skills are immeasurable, and you will prove your worth again and again. You will go down as legend, and you will be talked about for centuries.
Walk into every situation like you already know the outcome will work in your favor. Go to your job interview knowing you are their best candidate. Enter that art competition with the best piece anyone has ever seen. You are already the best; you just have to show them.


Every Challenge Is An Opportunity

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 In wrestling, the belts get passed around through different matches. Sometimes a competitor will lose more than once, the championship getting farther and farther away. Yet their morale doesn't lessen. They will battle again and again until they are on top, and they will fight like hell to stay there because they deserve it. They took every opportunity to toss their foes off ladders and tackle them through barricades. If they can't get what their looking for in one match, they'll get it on the next one.


Forget The Haters

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I'm not saying you should stand in the middle of a ring with a mic and talk smack, but you should know who your competition is. There will always be others gunning for your #1 spot. They will try to tear you down, turn your fans against you, take everything you've worked hard for. Just keep doing your thing and defend your accomplishments. You didn't get where you are by sitting on your butt; you've earned your success, and ain't nobody gonna take that from you.


Show No Fear

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 There may be some challenges out there that seem impossible. Life is coming at you with a steel chair, and you're ready to run. Face it head on! If you get hit, hit back harder! Let go of all your fears and discover a range of abilities you never knew you had. The only thing you should fear is failure (but that's ok, because you can always try again!)


Be Daring



Fly off the top rope. Take down the biggest guy in the ring. Walk up to the current champion and dare them to put the title on the line. Push yourself to the limits, and then go a little farther. You eat, sleep and breathe success, and any and all measures will be taken to get to the top.

Embellish yourself. Be the best you there ever was. You will achieve greatness, whether your goals are big are small. Be as ridiculously confident as you need to be. If you believe you deserve it, you will make it happen!


  1. I love this post! I've just started getting into WWE, and quite enjoy it so far. I need a theme song for my day now! :) Tania Michele xx

  2. I watch WWE anf and i love the way you picked out this great tips to motivate and inspire..

  3. This was so much fun to read! But these are great pointers in life. I feel pretty pumped! Thanks for sharing. xx

  4. this is a great read. so inspiring

  5. Love this! I totally need to get a theme song and look at challenges as opportunities!

  6. Great idea for a post!
    I've never seen anything like this and it was so inspiring.


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