How To Design The Perfect Meditation Corner

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It may seem New Agey, it may be old school, but meditation is a key practice for maintaining good mental health and mindfulness. When we meditate, we can lower our blood pressure, increase our concentration, and even boost our immune system!
While meditation does have roots in religion, it is a practice anyone can respectfully adopt into their daily routine. You can meditate a few minutes up to an hour if that is what suits you best. It is a practice that can be done at your desk at work or in bed in the early morning.
I believe that for maximum benefits, there should be a dedicated space just for YOU. It should be relaxing, comfortable, and inspiring. It is a space you can go to be yourself and escape the hectic day to day events.
Your corner can be as simple or elaborate as you like. The goal is to have a place you can retreat to so you can unwind and find yourself.
Here is some inspiration for creating the perfect meditation corner in your home.

1. Meditation Pillow

The centerpiece of your meditation zone. Reach Nirvana in comfort (and style!)

2. Blanket

Toss it over your lap or wrap yourself in woven warmth.

3. Plants

Plants bring life to the space, and a breath of fresh air. They inspire health and happiness.

West Elm

4. Tapestry

Hang some lovely patterns and imagery around you to really make the space your own.

5. Soft Lighting

Himalayan Salt Lamps were all the rage- last year. Now you can get these gorgeous Selenite Skyscraper lamps. Feel the vibration from the healing crystal and bask in it's relaxing glow.


6. Music

From the sounds of nature to the relaxing tune of soft flute music, set the tone for your meditative journey. Start with this free trial from Amazon Unlimited Music, and play it through this adorable speaker.


7. Extra Pillows

Sometimes being surrounded by lots of fluff can be the most comforting thing in the world.

Urban Outfitters


8. Shelf

Set up a little shelf next to where you sit- it can be a floor shelf or a floating shelf. Fill it with books, candles, plants, anything that will complete your little corner.


9. Books

Take the time to study on mindfulness, relaxation, and mental health. Knowledge leads to success.


10. Incense

Uplift your mood with these incense bundles.

Urban Outfitters

11. Sand

Occupy your busy mind by creating your own little patterns in the sand.


12. Stones

Turn them over in your hands. Observe the texture, count the rotations. Focus.

13. Symbolism 

Whatever religion or belief system you follow, be sure to carry a piece of it to your special place. Whether it be a painting, statue, or a book, have something there that reminds you to keep going down the right path.

One Kings Lane Vintage

how to design the perfect meditation corner
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  1. I love this! It is such a great idea to have a peaceful place all to yourself! I definitely need the big pillow and blanket!

  2. Loved this post! I also have my little meditation corner at home and it feels so great to have this little space just to myself... :) I believe that once you have a space that's only devoted to meditation, it can take you further in your experience.


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