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In 1992, the world saw its first World Mental Health Day, a day in which many countries come together to bring awareness to mental health issues, educate the public, and advocate to end the stigma that surrounds mental illness. It's been celebrated every October 10, and in recent years has even celebrated certain themes related to mental health and various situations.
Today there are multiple Awareness Days, Weeks and Months for different types of illnesses. This post will provide a list of those events as well as details on what those ailments are, how people celebrate, and what colors and symbols are used.
For this list we are focusing on days that are specifically related to mental health.


National Eating Disorder Awareness Day

When: February 18-24, 2018
What: Bringing light to eating disorders that affect millions of Americans
How: At the NEDA (National Eating Disorder Awareness) website, people can come together to challenge stereotypes, educate people on the signs and symptoms of eating disorders, and provide help for those who suffer from ED.
Symbol: Periwinkle Ribbon


Self-Injury Awareness Day

When: March 1st
What: Bringing awareness to the realities of self injury and providing resources for those in need.
How: On the web, SIAD awareness sites provide information on how to best spread awareness not just on Self Injury Awareness Day, but all other days of the year, as self harm cannot be condensed into single day because it is an ongoing issue.
Symbol: Orange Ribbon


Stress Awareness Month

When: All of April
What: A month where the nation starts a dialogue about stress, offer tips, and recognizes how stress impacts our daily lives.
How: Various groups, bloggers and institutions educate and offer help to the public on the effects of stress
Symbol: Most likely teal, as it represents anxiety


National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

When: May 10
What: Raising awareness for the effects of trauma and mental illness in children and young adults
How: Various groups and communities come together to raise awareness
Symbol: Green Ribbon

Mental Health Month

When: Month of May
What: Raising awareness for all forms of mental health and how it affects people from all walks of life
How: In the modern era we see hashtag challenges, online educational seminars, and people reaching out to others across the globe to end the stigma
Symbol: Lime Green Ribbon


PTSD Awareness Month

When: Month of June
What: Bringing to light the effects of PTSD, particularly for combat veterans, and bringing awareness for treatments and resoruces
How: Awareness and recognition of those who suffer, and informing the public how to help loved ones
Symbol: Teal Ribbon


National Minority Mental Health Month

When: Month of July
What: Awareness of the stigma and struggles of mental health in minorities
How: Recognizing that mental health affects people of all races, religion, and financial status, as well as banding together to make help more accessible to communities that struggle to get help
Symbol: Lime Green Ribbon


World Suicide Prevention Month

When: Month of September
What: Awareness and promotion for the prevention of suicide around the globe
How: Various groups and individuals speak out about the signs of suicidal thoughts and where people can find resources for themselves or loved ones.
Symbol: Teal and Purple Ribbon

World Suicide Prevention Week

When: The Monday-Sunday of World Suicide Prevention Week (Sept. 10)
What: A time to share resources, stories, and general awareness
How: Speaking out publicly, on social media, or at work and school, providing help and support for those who need it
Symbol: Teal and Purple Ribbon

World Suicide Prevention Day

When: September 10
What: A day of remembrance for those who lost the battle
How: However friends and family see fit
Symbol: Teal and Purple, as well as the semicolon symbol


World Mental Health Day

When: October 10
What: Global awareness for mental health and its role in our lives
How: Increasing information on different mental health issues that affect people around the world
Symbol: unknown

National Depression Screening Day

When: October 11
What: Awareness and encouragement to get screened for depression symptoms
How: A day within Mental Illness Awareness week that focuses on providing resources and encouraging depression screenings
Symbol: NA

Mental Illness Awareness Week

When: The week of October 11
What: A week dedicated to raising awareness for serious mental illnesses
How: By providing support and educating the public on different mental illnesses. Each year the focus is on a different group so as to ensure each voice is heard
Symbol: Varies depending on mental illness types


International Survivors of Suicide Day

When: November 17
What: A day when those who have lost someone to suicide come together for support around the world
How: Communities host events that bring together friends and families affected by these losses
Symbols: Teal and Purple Ribbon

While these dates come around only once a year, mental health is here the whole 365 days. Take note of these days and local events in your community where you can pitch in to raise awareness for these silent struggles, and remember to pay attention to the lesson you learn during these campaigns- it can help save a life.

Know any additional awareness days, events, or symbolism? Share in the comments and spread awareness for these causes!


  1. I didn't know most of these! Thank you for the information!

  2. Great info! Thank you for bringing more awareness to the importance of mental health :)

  3. I had no idea about most of these. Mental health illnesses run in my family and I appreciate knowing about these so that maybe I can donate or provide support or volunteer for some of the events surrounding these dates.

  4. SOOOO important. We lost someone in my fiances family due to mental illness and it's been a rough year.


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