Top 10 Oddly Satisfying YouTube Videos


Imagine watching clay being perfectly smoothed out. Imagine watching dominoes fall into elaborate patterns. Imagine the dirtiest building being power washed to perfection.
Satisfying, right? But why?
According to this article from Discover, the satisfaction we feel watching something get cleaned or cut is our brains going "Ah, yes. Just right. There we go." And then we can move on with our day knowing the job was done. The article also points out that this reaction could be what is lacking in those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- nothing feels quite "right", and they can't move on.
On YouTube, a lot of these videos can be found under the term ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). ASMR is triggered by certain sounds and causes tingling sensations in the body, which can be relaxing and stress relieving. 
Aside from the psychological aspects, oddly satisfying videos are just plain entertaining. It's a gentle reminder that somewhere in the world there is something perfectly and beautifully well done.
Things that satisfy range from sounds to images. Watching things get squished, or even doing the squishing yourself is intensely satisfying. Listening to the crunch of snow is soothing. Finding random objects that fit perfectly together is always a win. Whatever gets your "just right" reflex going, it's out there! So today, here is my list of top 5 oddly satisfying videos to watch.

1. ASMRTheChew

First on this list is some new territory for me, and probably a lot of you as well! The sounds of chewing, whispering and clicking can be soothing for some and is great to fall asleep to. Spirit Payton does a fabulous job of helping her viewers relax through her soft whispers and candy crunching. Check her out below!

2. Slime

Who on God's green earth doesn't love slime? The textures, the colors, the sounds are all appealing to the max. There's countless slime videos out there, and countless ways to play with it! If watching isn't enough for you, there's plenty of DIY channels to show you how to make some at home! The Best Satisfying currently has some of my favorite videos. Check it out!

3. So Clean!

Wait, the porch ISN'T black??? Compilations of deep cleaning, particularly power washing, are always satisfying. You're watching something become new all over again, and seeing the before and after is crazy! Inches of dirt being blasted away really makes you think about how long different buildings and such have been around.

4. Sand Tagious

This stuff is the BOMB! Not only are the perfect shapes so satisfying, but slicing into them is just... oh yeah. The best videos come from the channel Sand Tagious, where sands in an colors, shapes and sized are squeezed, smashed, sliced and diced.


I've come to the conclusion that YouTube is filled with adults fulfilling their wildest childhood curiosities. One of them is "What will happen if i melt/set this on fire?" There's an endless amount of videos on the subjects, and their methods range from microwaving to just straight up flamethrowers. It's not satisfying in the "so perfect" kind of way as it is in the "oh so that's what happens" kind of way.

6. 1000 Degree Metal Ball

This one is within the same vein as the previous video, and one of my absolute favorites. A small metal ball is heated until it is red hot, and then dropped or pressed against various objects. Some melt, some fry, and some even burst into flames!

7. Perfect Fit

It's like the universe just knows that some things were just made for each other. From perfect trick shots to unbelievable coincidences, perfect fit compilations will hit you right in the "Oh Yeah" feels.

8. Dominoes

Everything about falling dominoes is perfect. The patterns, the tricks, the soothing rain-like sound they make. People who make domino art have mad skills, and I applaud them! Thank you for gracing the world with your visual and audible art. Here's a video from one of my favorites, Hevesh5. 

9.  Cake Decorating

Do not watch if you are hungry! These desserts are almost too beautiful to eat, and so satisfying to watch! Not to mention the speed that some of these bakers can make these creations. A truly delicious talent!

10. Compilations

Haven't found the one for you yet? Never fear, for the Internet is chock full of general oddly satisfying compilations. Jumping between fountains and slicing and cutting and breaking, there's anything and everything under the sun that can appeal to the eyes and the ears. Find what relaxes you and let the playlist roll!

Which video was your favorite? Have one that isn't listed? Share in the comments!


  1. I'll watch sand and cake decorating, but the cleaning videos just baffle me.

    1. The cleaning ones are some of my favorites, probably because I’ll never see my own home that way lol!

  2. Providing that you're not easily grossed out, Dr. Pimple Popper's YouTube videos can be extremely satisfying!

    1. Yes! A great option, but only for a select few who can handle it lol

  3. Love these videos, especially the slime and the sand ones -- Thanks for sharing the compilation!
    (And that poor, poor gummie bear!!)


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