Best Coffee Cups for Every Mood

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Mornings. Are. The. Worst.
Well, when you're like me they are. I can go to bed early and rise late, or vice versa, and not feel any closer to being alert as soon as I have to get up. That's why my morning rituals are so important to me.
After getting the tot up and preparing her breakfast, it's just a zombie walk away to the coffee pot and a shot of energy. My life revolves around coffee, and I've been known to even ave a cup when I'm working late at night (please note that you should only do this if you are okay with being up until 2am).
It's not just the coffee itself that I enjoy so much- it's my growing collection of coffee cups that makes the morning time that much more special. Funky patterns, quirky sayings and fun pictures make the rise and shine process much more entertaining and expressive. No matter what you're into, there's a unique cup of joe for everyone!

1. You, My Darling, Matter

Waking up to a positive message is a sure way to put a spring in your step!

2. F*** Off

If you're reallyyyy just not the morning type, this should get the message across- but with flowers, so it's nicer.

3. But First, Coffee

Don't speak. Don't ask. Don't even breathe at me. Just start pouring.

4. Bob Ross Changing Mug

You know what? Bob is proud of you for getting up today. Now go make some happy little trees.

5. Campfire Mug

For those who like a little bit of rustic in their lives

6. Fringe Mugs

Loving this for the shape, colors, and inspiring words. This is only one example of the many adorable products from this brand! 

7. Copper Mugs

These copper mugs are crazy popular right now, and it's no wonder! The design and color really capture a unique aesthetic

8. Hung Over

Hey, moms have crazy weekends too

9. Early Bird

Go get that worm, girl.

10. Cactus Mug

 If you haven't joined the cacti craze, you're missing out my friend. Look how cute!


11. Make Mine A Double

It's early and we need the extra juice.

12. Marble Mug

This years must have pattern, the gorgeous and natural marble!


13. The Purrrfect Mug

For all my cat lovers, holla if you hear me.


14. Too Peopley

For my friends with the social anxiety- let's just stay in and sip our morning brew.


15. Tamatoa Mug

Beautiful colors that will suit your style!

Have a favorite mug? A good morning routine? Share in the comments!

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  1. omg I NEED that cactus mug in my life! I have a bit of a mug addiction haha

  2. That cactus mug is amazing, but the purrrfect mug, now that needs to be in my cupboard right now :)

  3. Well those coffee cups are decorated beautifully and cutely. I like Campfire Mug. Love this!

  4. Hahah, gimme that flowery Hung Over mug :D

  5. That Bob Ross Mug is hilarious! Great post!


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