Anxiety: The Superpower We Never Asked For

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Ah, anxiety. A condition that makes zero sense. Is it ever rational be heart racing, boot shakingly scared just sitting at home? Is there any logic to feeling apprehensive towards basic human interactions? Does this event really need to analyzed a thousand times over? Is there even any benefits to this?
There very well could be, but you have to really, really look for that silver lining. We have an ability that the average person doesn't have. For example...

We Can See Multiple Universes

Like Griffin from Men in Black 3, we can see everything. If I go to the store, I may buy milk, or I may buy more than milk, or I may get stalked at the store, or I won't even make it because I had a car accident, or someone stole my car out of the driveway while I was in the shower... The possibilities are endless, so technically anything that happens, you kinda saw it coming. We're practically psychic.

Fight or Flight Is Already Engaged

Say that murderer you were anticipating is finally about to creep up on you. You're already on red alert for God knows what reason, so you're already prepared to take off when they strike, which could be at anytime, anywhere, even in the shower!

Constant Vigilance

We are very detail oriented. We notice the little things- change in voice, a small drop in the bank account, a sketchy vehicle parked next to yours. Noticing details can always be a lifesaver, although sometimes we tend to notice more than necessary. At least we are super aware, right?

Analyzing Complete

All those details aren't for nothing. We're gonna go over them a dozen times a day, picking apart every little thing. Did I do something wrong? Are they mad at me? Is that really where I left my purse or did someone come in and move it? One way or another, we'll figure everything out, and hopefully we can relax and accept the results. Unless we're wrong. Because in that case we're gonna need to go over this again. Ugh...

Since I Know This May Go Wrong I Can Just Avoid It And Be Safe

I've studied alllllll the details, gone over every scenario, and I have hereby determined this ride/event/basic human interaction may kill me. So to stay safe, I'm just gonna stay home and not do anything ever.

Ok, maybe we're not really superheroes cuz let's be real, these powers suck. We're saving nobody this way, not even ourselves. As nice as it sounds to stay home and avoid anything and everything, it's just no way to live life. There's no quick fix to stop the symptoms of anxiety, but here's an idea on how to calm it when you feel your not-so-Kryptonian powers creeping in.

  • Focus that thinking energy into fidgeting (not with your own body, (ex. hair, nails, skin)!)
  • Deep breaths
  • Write out scenarios that you worry about. Then write the most logical outcome and remind yourself when those others thoughts creep up
  • Reach a conclusion and write it down. When your brain starts with "but what if.." look at what you wrote
  • Say your fears out loud. They usually sound pretty ridiculous when vocalized
  • Get out more. You can start small, nothing crazy. Feel more excited for the good than fearful of the bad, no matter what your brain wants to tell you
No one said it was easy, but it's doable! Believe that your own inner strength is the real superpower here, and anxiety was the villain all along. It's a long battle to defeat anxiety, but with the willpower, the tools, and the help of your sidekicks (friends and family), this evil is going down.

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  1. Good tips and the simplest and best of them in my opinion is the suggestion to take a deep breathe. Makes such a huge difference doesn't it? Always find that when I'm starting to feel tense or uptight, I notice that I'm breathing very shallowly and fast. But taking a deep breathe.....several times......always works for me. So good suggestions.


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