Live Inspired: Motivational and Inspiring Art for the Home and Office

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Art. It's everywhere. From the shows on TV to the design on your shirt, art influences and beautifies all aspects of life. Whether you yourself are a creative soul or an admirer, surrounding yourself with words of encouragement is always a great investment.
We look to family, friends, and even the occasional Twitter follower for positive words and validation. Little words here and there are a comfort, and a great way to get the day started on the right foot.
Not to mention that adding some color to the home is always a great addition.
So if you're looking for some inspiring inspiration for your home or office, here's a great list of ideas to get you started on the right foot!

1. You Are So Loved

Every day! Never forget it!

2. Pursuits...

Go forward and achieve everything you've ever dreamed!

3. Begin Again

In the heat of things, it can feel like the end of the world. Let the dust settle, and rebuild from there.

4. Never Give Up.

A simple sign, a strong message

5. Magic

A little bit of magic makes dreams come true

6. I Can and I Will!

They may underestimate you, but boy... Won't they be wrong, eh?

7. The Future Is Bright...

Get those shades on, girl 😎

8. The Collection

Go ahead, and surround yourself with as little or as much as you need with this collection of inspiring wall art. Choose what moves you!

9. Change Your Thoughts...

It won't happen today, it won't happen tomorrow. But each day we work towards it is a step towards making positive thinking a habit.

10. Bloom Where You Are Planted

So close to the ever inspiring Rise and Blossom tagline, but rings true nonetheless- you can rise up wherever you are in life.

11. Open Doors

Some obstacles are meant to be torn down, others are there to protect you. Recognize when a door closed could actually means a bullet dodged.

12. Could Be Worse

For my slightly more blunt peeps out there- shit could be worse

13. Rise and Shine

Maybe the first place you need to see words of encouragement is when you are really and truly starting the whole day

14. Jane Austen

If adventure doesn't find you, you will find adventure

15. Stand Out

Embrace your uniqueness, go out and stand out!

Have a favorite from above, or something you love that you already own? Share in the comments!


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