Ten Things to Do On a Lazy Winter Day

winter activities
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Winter is coming, and while getting out for some fun in the snow sounds like a merry good time, the cold might be a little much to bear. So for my fellow introverts who are into staying in on a snowy day
  1. Lounge around in a comfy jumpsuit.

    Home is where the pants aren't. But it's also winter which means it's freezing, so if you'd rather not turn your butt cheeks into ice cubes, a comfy jumpsuit is where its at.
    To be honest, I'm low-key jealous of my daughters cute little footsie pajamas. I plan to nab a pair myself! Click here to find some cute jammies for your upcoming couch potato session.
  2. Listen to Christmas music.

    "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" With winter comes the season of giving, and music is the best way to get you in the spirit! Whether you're into traditional music or a fan of techno remixes, you can't go wrong with a little Winter Wonderland. Stream some jams through your laptop or phone and get wrapping! If you don't have a streaming account already, Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial !
  3. Snuggle up under this cozy blanket.

    The only thing I appreciate about the cold is that it gives me the opportunity to get snug and toasty under my 50 blankets. My favorite winter blanket is this queen size sherpa blanket with a gray and white snowflake pattern. It often replaces my usual comforter when it starts getting cold outside. Here's a link to a similar one if you're into feeling like toasty goodness.

  4. Put cute hats on your pets.

    Can't forget our furry buddies! Since they're stuck at home with you and your festive self, they might as well join the party! The sad faces are temporary. The photos are a lifetime.

    Coco and Emma
  5. Get sucked into a heartwarming novel.

     What does a cold winter day need? A book that warms your ice cold heart. So pick up a book that's been sitting on your shelf or pop into the public library! Open the curtains to watch the snow fall, snuggle up under your new blanket and get lost in another world.
  6. Beat those muscles into putty with this massager.

    Hey, it's a lazy day, so you might as well rejuvenate your body! Use this handheld while you laze away in bed.

  7. Keep those toes toasty.

    Fuzzy socks are LIFE. You can never have too many. My current favorites are these little ones with fox faces on them! Super cute and super warm!
  8. Try a variety of hot chocolates.

    Bored of the same old hot chocolate and 'mallows? Try something new this winter! With flavors ranging from sweet French Vanilla to the festive Peppermint, changing up your winter routine will bring a little spice to your chilly day! 
Coffee, blankets and poetry
Warm drinks and good reads!

      9. Bake Cookies 

 I don't have a single baking bone in my body, but that's not gonna stop me from trying! Bake some sugar cookies and cut them up into these adorable winter shapes!

     10. Binge Movies

      Last but not least, the staple of a lazy winter day- Christmas movies! Stream endless Christmas cheer through your Amazon account. Put on those festive pajama pants, fuzzy socks and make a cup of minty coco! You're all set for a Merry Marathon!


  1. I'm looking forward to a lazy week! Will definitely take the suggestions!

  2. I want to do all of these things. Right now. That sounds like a great staycation!


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