About Me

     Hello fellow introverts (and extroverts too!) My name is Jasmine and I live on the beautiful plains of West Texas.  I have obtained ¾ of a Bachelors in Journalism before swearing off writing just to later become a blogger. I am the loving mother of one cute baby and two fur babies. My hobbies include photography, puppy and baby snuggling, and eating entire boxes of Mac ‘n’ Cheese.
     Here at Rise and Blossom, I am looking to connect my stories and bits knowledge to others out there who may be going through the same things. Mental illness, body image and drastic life changes happen to us all, and even though the world may seem like it’s falling apart, I believe there is a way for each individual to find their light. This blog isn’t just about putting my story out there; it’s about learning how to cope, how to connect, and how to start life over again. So get ready to cry, laugh, and find your inner peace. Today, we Blossom.

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